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Commonly asked maintenance questions:

Charging:  Correct charging methods extend battery life and range between charges.  Charge new batteries completely before they are used for the first time.  Charging will probably consist of at least 12 hours, sometimes longer.  New batteries need up to four hours more charging time than "mature" batteries.

Schedule enough charging time, if possible, so the charger shuts off automatically.  Age of battery, condition of battery, state-of-discharge, temperature of electrolyte, AC line voltage level, and other variables will effect charging time.

Limit use of new batteries between charging for the first 5-20 cycles.  New batteries have less capacity than batteries which have been broken in.  New golf car batteries should be limited to 18 holes of golf between charges.  Industrial vehicle batteries should not be discharged more than 20-30% before charging.

Batteries that are in storage or are not used, self-discharge.  This may require "jump-charging" to enable charging to occur.

All newly installed batteries should be checked for tight cable/nut connections within 5 days of installation.  Loose connections sometimes occur after driving your golf cart.  Loose connections result in melted or damaged battery posts, and defective battery operation and are not warrantable.